Protect Your Health with Asbestos Surveying

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous substances in the world if disturbed and even one instance of exposure can lead to a lifetime of hardship for a person. That said, it was once a material used heavily in construction due to its many advantages and properties, meaning that any property built prior to the year 1988 must be surveyed for the presence of asbestos before anyone is allowed to come into the property. Asbestos is a material found in nature and made up of microscopic fibres that cannot be seen, tasted, or felt when breathed in; however, the act of doing so can lead to some cancers, a reduction in lung capability, and much more.


Under the Control of Asbestos regulations of 2012 (regulation 4), it is the obligation and duty of all commercial premises such as offices, industrial sites, shops, and others to maintain and manage asbestos. This is also true of any who have responsibility for maintenance and repair activities within such buildings and they also have a duty to assess the presence and condition of any materials containing the substance. If it is found that asbestos is present or if it is presumed to be present, it is required by these regulations that it be managed appropriately, including the professional removal of the substance.

This duty may also apply to the shared areas of some domestic premises, such as a multifamily unit, and it is your responsibility to inquire as to which duties fall on your head. Companies such as Insulation & Environmental Service Ltd make it their duty to deftly survey for asbestos throughout Milton Keynes and to protect those who use the buildings in which it is found. These experts provide asbestos surveyors in Milton Keynes with the right equipment, training, and expertise to handle any amount of asbestos and in any form.

Your Health

No matter if you currently run a commercial business or simply fear that your older home is carrying hidden asbestos, it is important that you understand the danger of inhalation. This material is responsible for more than 5000 deaths each year, despite the effort put into finding and managing the substance, and there are a number of ways that such deaths occur. Younger individuals, if exposed regularly, are at the greatest risk of developing asbestos-related disease, much more so than older workers. This is due to the time needed for the body to develop symptoms after exposure, otherwise known as latency, and the four main diseases caused include mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, asbestosis, and diffuse pleural thickening.

Companies such as Insulation & Environmental Service Ltd work around the clock to provide safety and security for those inside buildings containing asbestos. Since even one exposure is enough to cause lasting harm, it is imperative that you stop working immediately if you suspect that you have come across an asbestos-containing material. Doing so may yet help you to avoid any lasting problems and you can then have an expert handle the work without any additional risk to your life.